There is no way for the non-global zone automounter to convert these automounts from NFS to LOFS. Firstly, there is no API for the non-global zone to determine that the NFS server is, in fact, the global zone sharing the same kernel.

It can easily tell this though.
It's not obvious to me how the non-global zone can determine the hostname of its global zone unless the global zone puts that information somewhere (like in a new file).

Secondly, even if it could make this determination, there is no way for the the NFS semantics to be turned into equivalent LOFS semantics because the exported pathname is outside of the non-global zone's root directory.

That's just a small matter of programming :-)

Seems like the kernel has to help out here.

Since the non-global zone automounter is unaware and unable to do anything else, it will simply do an NFS mount. The problem is that CR 5065254 (NFS/UFS deadlock when system is both NFS server and client) is likely to cause a deadlock.

"Might cause a deadlock".

I don't think it's an unsurmountable problem but it needs a bit of
smarts in automount and a bit of help from the global zone.

I'd like to see this fixed, too.We have a workaround for Trusted Extensions, but it seems to be to hard for people to understand.


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