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>You and James gave me the hint's needed with LD_LIBRARY_PATH settings, shell settings and the NFS information.
>I logged in with an empty username (no extra settings in the shell) and issued zlogin -l 'username' epsu84 uptime and i got the wanted output back:
>1:15pm up 1:06, 0 users, load average: 0.03, 0.03, 0.03
>How ever, as to the strange behavior with the 'mounted' state of my ZONES i have no idea. I will see if i can produce the same fenomena again, but later on, as there are testings to be done.
Just out of interest, what strange behaviour are you seeing with
"mounted" state.

It shouldn't be possible to get a zone into a 'mounted' state (so I
was told when
I hit the same thing a few months back). It's not documented anywhere
and shouldn't
be user visible.

Fortunately, now that Solaris is an OS OS (open-source operating system :-) ) you can research for yourself the possible conditions that a zone can be in the 'mounted' state.

I searched for some of the different states (ready running configured installed) and found the #define for ZONE_STATE_STR_MOUNTED. That led me to the #define ZONE_STATE_MOUNTED. The latter is used in a conditional a few times, but I only found one occasion where it can be *supplied* as a state, in kernel_state_to_user_state().

According to the inline doc, execution can only get there if the zone's root is mounted on $ZONEPATH/lu.

Indeed, mounted is a state that should only be used by the patch/package tools. Looks like in the case in question, pkgadd failed and left the zone mounted, at which zoneadm -z ( zone name ) unmount, will return it to installed ( halted) state.

But mounted is not documented in the docs or man pages as it is really an internal state.


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