Erik Nordmark wrote:

Dan Price wrote:

'list -i' religiously follows this idiosyncratic approach ;-)

We have a plan to add 'zoneadm info' or some such to display all the
runtime attributes of running zones.  Hopefully we'll get to that in the
next 12 months or so.  I'd request that you hold off on adding list -l
until we design 'info'.

The problem is that we have requests from the users of IP Instances (folks that have used the bits on to have a way of displaying which datalink names are assigned to which running zones.

Could "ifconfig" be modified to report all network interfaces that
are assigned to a zone?

There is also another tool I hacked up earlier in the year called
"ifgrep" that you could do "ifgrep -z global" or whatever with...
Is it worth doing something more worthwhile with that?


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