Erik Nordmark writes:
> Jeff Victor wrote:
> > Here's one reason: consistency.  All users in the GZ can see some 
> > inforamtion about non-global zones (e.g. "ps").  Privileged GZ users can 
> > see all info about non-global zones, and need to do so in order to 
> > manage them.
> But the exclusive-IP behavior is quite different from the shared-IP 
> behavior; it offers complete IP isolation between different zones/IP 
> instances.

I don't think that argument works on two counts.  First, exclusive-IP
behavior does not offer complete IP isolation, because you can't (for
instance) install your own copy of Firewall-1 or Cisco VPN into a
non-global exclusive-IP zone.  Some things do still require global
zone administration.  Second, "ps" shows processes that the user in
the global zone cannot 'administer' by way of kill(2), so they are at
least as isolated as IP instances, but they're still of interest to
global zone administrators who want a global view of the system.

All that said, I think making ifconfig list the interfaces present in
exclusive-IP zones, given the design of ifconfig, would be
prohibitively difficult.  It'd have no access to the DLPI nodes, which
is where it gets some of its information, and the ioctls it uses for
tunnels and the like won't work well if the zones have independent
control of the interfaces.  (It'd work "for now," but I think it'd end
up representing more confusion with Clearview, as there'd be no easy
way to coordinate interface names across multiple zones, so
ifta_lifr_name would be ambiguous.)

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