Tim Cook wrote:
So essentially at this time blastwave is just a *bad idea* for global
zones.  Is something like sunfreeware ok then?  I assume the -G option
should work with those packages?

I don't know a lot of the details of blastwave and how
many different options it gives you.

However, in some cases the behavior you are seeing is a
"good thing".  It is nice sometimes to be able to manage
all of your software across your virtual environments
from a single point (the global zone).  In other cases
you want to manage things independently.  Generally, you have
the ability to do both with zones (modulo the shared the shared
OS).  However, I am not sure if blastwave is zone aware or
not.  But, it sounds like zonemgr does a nice job of integrating
with blastwave to solve some of these issues.

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