FYI, you can also use "create -b" (blank) so you don't have to run
remove-pkg-dir 4 times.

Actually, the documented way to create a whole-root zone *is* to remove
the default inherit-pkg-dir resources.  The reason for this is "create
-b" says to use a blank template - namely, no properties set and no
resources defined.  It doesn't mean "create a whole-root zone" and in
the future, an empty template might not be the same as a whole-root

During the development of the project I suggested we introduce
something like "create -w" or "create -t SUNWwhole" ;-) and perhaps
it's time to consider that again.

Also, with the new duckhorn changes in b56 you no longer have to
qualify the resources, so you could remove the inherit-pkg-dir
resources with a single command.  This will make it a bit easier
to create a whole root zone.

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