I recommend that you restrict blastwave bits to the non-global zone.
That way you cannot end up with package conflicts between the global
zone and non-global zones or between non-global zones.

I have made installing Blastwave packages really easy for you via 
the zonemgr with the "-G <blastwave_pkg>" option.  Note that this 
works for sparse and whole root zones.

For example the following invocation of zonemgr will
   1. Create a sparse (standard inheritied directories) zone 
   2. named mysql
   3. in /zones/mysql
   4. with IP address 
   5. on nic hme0 
   6. with CIDR netmask of /24
   7. and add host record for host name mysql
   8. Inherit the resolution config from the global zone
   9. and Install pkg-get, mysql5, apache2, and all
      requisite bits from blastwave.

   zonemgr -a add -n mysql -z /zones -P abc123 \
     -C /etc/resolv.conf -C /etc/nsswitch.conf \
     -I "|hme0|24|mysql" -G mysql5 -G apache2

Note that copying resolv.conf and nsswitch.conf may not
be necessary depending on your global and non-global
configs.  This is just what I do on my test system.

More info available at the Zone Manager site:

Hope that helps!


On Wed, 2007-01-31 at 10:32 -0700, Jerry Jelinek wrote:
> Tim Cook wrote:
> > So what about /opt/csw, is there anyway to prevent the zones from
> > linking to it?  I know you can't remove it from the inherit-pkg-dir
> > because it says it's invalid.  It's been somewhat a pain to use pkg-get
> > (blastwave) with zones because of it.
> I don't think I understand what your configuration is.
> Do you have the 4 standard inherited directories (which doesn't
> include /opt)?  Or are you saying you inherit /opt but want
> a private /opt/csw?
> If it is the first one, then /opt is not inherited by
> default which is why you get an error when you try to remove it.
> If it is the second one, then there are various ways you can
> inherit directories from the global zone but still have private
> subdirectories.  The easiest is described in the FAQ here:
> http://opensolaris.org/os/community/zones/faq/#cfg_io_usrlocal
> for /usr/local but it works just as well for other paths.
> If I misunderstood what your question is, please let us know.
> Thanks,
> Jerry
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