Tim Cook wrote:
So what about /opt/csw, is there anyway to prevent the zones from
linking to it?  I know you can't remove it from the inherit-pkg-dir
because it says it's invalid.  It's been somewhat a pain to use pkg-get
(blastwave) with zones because of it.

I don't think I understand what your configuration is.
Do you have the 4 standard inherited directories (which doesn't
include /opt)?  Or are you saying you inherit /opt but want
a private /opt/csw?

If it is the first one, then /opt is not inherited by
default which is why you get an error when you try to remove it.

If it is the second one, then there are various ways you can
inherit directories from the global zone but still have private
subdirectories.  The easiest is described in the FAQ here:


for /usr/local but it works just as well for other paths.

If I misunderstood what your question is, please let us know.


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