Mike Gerdts wrote:
On 6/4/07, Jeff Victor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Wee Yeh Tan wrote:
On 6/5/07, Mike Gerdts <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
With hundreds of zones in production today, it is feeling like later
is already here.  Worst case patching is well over 24 hours in single
user mode.  (I have developed my own workarounds to make each zone
only add about 10 minutes to total outage time in my initial tests.)
I'll be grateful if you can share that.  Patching zones is extremely
painful due to the downtime you mentioned.
With S10 U4, Zulu will allow LU of zoned systems and minimize downtime to
"reboot time".

My understanding this is not the case if using ZFS for zonepaths.

But you can create ABE's - and patch them - even if you aren't upgrading.  You

1) Create an ABE (with zones) - while apps are running on original BE
2) Patch the ABE (with zones) - while apps are running on original BE
3) Reboot into the ABE (with zones)
4) Fallback to the original BE if necessary

Is this a S10U4 feature?  How does this work with zfs?

This would only be useful if the time to reboot is less than the time to patch.

Does that method sound useful?

Only if it offers some material improvement over zulu, which I
understand does not support zfs.

Please, as more work goes into live upgrade, release the bits that
don't have legacy baggage.  Even if it's not fully buildable, existing
code with the relevant ARC cases could help tremendously in a clean
room implementation.  Having such a fundamental part of Solaris not
being part of OpenSolaris is painful.

Pretty much everything in Live Upgrade is encumbered, including the original specs, so there's really no likelihood of us releasing any code or ARC cases that will be useful. Fortunately, from this point the only work which will be going into it will be the ZFS support that's already underway, and that will really only be used for Solaris 10. We will soon be initiating the project to replace it, though.

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