Martin Man wrote:
Steffen Weiberle wrote:
Hi Martin, looking at your question again...

What are the requirements?

Do non-global zones need to get their address via DHCP?

yes, not necessarily from the non-global zone, the address can be assigned and renewed periodically from the global zone, local zone will get the interface as is.

Do non-global zones need to share a single interface?

yes, I don't have more physical interfaces to give to the non-global zones

Does the global zone need to control or limit routing and other network setups?

could be, although not a strict requirement

Anything else?

the goal is to provide simple enough setup to just give a non-global zone virtual interface and network works out of the box, e.g., dhcp takes care of it, without playing with manually configuring IP.

kind of:

zonecfg> add net; set physical=bge0; set address=dhcp; end

Once the crossbow VNIC bits ship you'd be able to do this, but the detailed zonecfg syntax might be different (and presumably sysidtool in the zone will determine whether static IP or DHCP is used).

Before then you can use Nevada (and the next S10 update) with exclusive-IP zones if the network uses VLANs. E.g., bge1000 is assigned to zoneA, bge2000 is assigned to zoneB.

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