Ellard Roush writes:
> There is so much discussion in these areas that it would be most
> undesirable to combine these 3 different areas.

An excess of discussion sounds like stuff that belongs on a narrower
project or subgroup mailing list, not a reason to avoid a community
group focusing on virtualization.

It's the difference between choosing 'opensolaris-discuss' versus
'myproject-dev' when figuring out where to send a message.

> Recommend that they be kept distinct.
> However, I do agree that there are topics that would appeal to
> all 3 areas. In such cases recommend that people send their
> comments to the 3 discussion aliases in a single email.

Note that communities get to steer their technologies independently.
Is it good for Solaris if these three groups end up with conflicting
choices for common components, such as software install and

If that's not good, then I'd suggest that a single virtualization
group would be a good way to start.

In fact, other than a possibly excessive list of community group
leaders and core contributors, I find it a little hard to understand
why separate CGs would be helpful here.

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