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> Hi,
> There is so much discussion in these areas that it would be most
> undesirable to combine these 3 different areas.

Combining communities does not mean that they all share the same
mailing lists.  zones-discuss, xen-discuss, et. al. would continue to
exist as they do now.

I think that what this would mean is...

Brandz, Xen, and Zones would be three new projects in the
Virtualization[1] community.

The following web areas would move into project pages to make way for
the new Virtualization Community page.   This page may be useful as a
place for newbies to figure out which of the various strategies are
useful in different circumstances.


A new Logical Domains project would likely start in this community.

There would likely be a virtualization-discuss[2] list as a catch all
for those discussions that don't fit neatly into one of the project
lists above.

The contributors and core contributors of existing communities would
be recognized as the same in the new community.  I would only see this
as substantial if there was ill-will between the various groups
because core contributors could have -1 wars.  I really, really, don't
foresee that happening.

I personally have nothing against the idea.  Aside from giving a
one-stop place to compare virtualization strategies (which could
easily exist in another place) I'm not sure I see a whole lot of
benefit.  For now my vote is a +0.25.  I don't think the constitution
allows that, so I figure out if it is a 0 or +1 after a bit more
discussion takes place.

1.  I would prefer "Server Virtualization" - there's lots of other
virtualization in Solaris that is not part of this community.
2. Or "v12n-discuss" to not chew up the entire subject line.

Mike Gerdts
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