Hello Huafeng Lu and zone-mgr script authors,

After several attempts, I have identified why the zonemgr script 
(zonemgr-1.8.1.sh) is not finishing a silent OS installation for me.

zonemgr is in fact creating a sysidcfg file.  However there is one line 
that it burps on...

          name_service=DNS {domain_name=red.iplanet.com  

This is what works for me in SWAN...

          name_service=NIS {domain_name=red.iplanet.com  

I'm not sure how to modify the script to get it to use NIS rather than 
DNS, and to put the name-server's IP on the line.
Is there maybe something else that will allow "DNS" to work in the 
script?  For instance, if /etc/hosts had the nameserver's entry hostname/IP?


Huafeng Lu wrote:
> forgot one sentence. see below.
> Huafeng Lu 写道:
>> Russ Petruzzelli 写道:
>>> Hi Huafeng ,
>>> The zone manager project (and download links for the code)is here:
>>> http://opensolaris.org/os/project/zonemgr/
>> Hi Russ,
>> This script is very long, so I only searched in it. I do find that it 
>> generates a sysidcfg file and populates it to the zone. I don't know 
>> what happened to you when you were using it.
>> Anyway the idea is, after the zone is installed, create a sysidcfg 
>> file and copy it to the zone:
>>     cp sysidcfg /export/home/zones/<zone_name>/root/etc/sysidcfg
> ... then boot the zone. The zone will get information from this file 
> instead of asking you to input.
>> This file should contain necessary information that you fill when you 
>> first boot a system after you install it (or after you do 
>> sys-unconfig). The format of this file is different for shared zones 
>> and exclusive zones. See sysidcfg(4) for details.
>> Let me know if you got further questions.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Russ
>>> Huafeng Lu wrote:
>>>> Russ Petruzzelli 写道:
>>>>> Is there a way to make a zone installation totally silent?
>>>>> I use zonemgr to install, but at the end it says:
>>>>> Copy completed.
>>>>> Booting zone for the first time.
>>>>> Waiting for first boot tasks to complete.
>>>>> Then I "zlogin -C" into the zone and have to do the system
>>>>> identification;  hostname, nameserver, kerberos, NIS, etc.
>>>>> Is there an equivalent to the "sysinfo" file for zones to make it
>>>>> 'jumpstart' silent?
>>>> I haven't used the "zonemgr" script before (can you give me a 
>>>> link?), so I don't know what it does after zone installation and 
>>>> before zone booting, but to my experience, the point is to populate 
>>>> the /etc/sysidcfg file for the zone before booting it.
>>>> You can see the attached script that I'm using to see what's put in 
>>>> this file. I believe there are many other simliar scripts floating 
>>>> around on the web.
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> Russ
>>>>> zonemgr script:
>>>>> $ZONEMGR -a add -n $MYZONENAME -t w -z "$ZONEBASEDIR" \
>>>>>              -P "xxx" -R / \
>>>>>              -D "red.iplanet.com" \
>>>>>              -d "mf-usca19-12" \
>>>>>              -R "/|/bin/bash" \
>>>>>              -s enable \
>>>>>              -I "|hme0|24|ps-eng8-zone1" \
>>>>>              -C /etc/ssh/sshd_config -C /etc/resolv.conf \
>>>>>              -C /etc/nsswitch.conf
>>>>> END
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