Russ Petruzzelli wrote:
> Hello Huafeng Lu and zone-mgr script authors,
> After several attempts, I have identified why the zonemgr script 
> ( is not finishing a silent OS installation for me.
> zonemgr is in fact creating a sysidcfg file.  However there is one line 
> that it burps on...
>           name_service=DNS {  
> name_server=mf-usca19-12}
> This is what works for me in SWAN...
>           name_service=NIS {  
> name_server=mf-usca19-12(}
> I'm not sure how to modify the script to get it to use NIS rather than 
> DNS, and to put the name-server's IP on the line.
> Is there maybe something else that will allow "DNS" to work in the 
> script?  For instance, if /etc/hosts had the nameserver's entry hostname/IP?

Is the hostname of your zone present in DNS? I seem to remember that the 
sysid tools try to resolve the hostname and that they will go 
interactive if the name can't be resolved by the name server you specified.

Menno Lageman - Sun Microsystems -
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