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> On Wed, Nov 07, 2007 at 11:11:13PM -0800, Andrew wrote:
> > Can anyone advise if it is supported to migrate a zone from one SPARC 
> > architecture to another? E.G., Sun4u to Sun4v?
> >
> > I presume this should be ok provided the Solaris build on both target and 
> > source platforms is the same?
> >
> Things should run, but there's a recent RFE to make attach work across
> sun4u and sun4v:
> 6576592 RFE: zoneadm detach/attach should work between sun4u and sun4v
>          architecture
> But I'm sure it would work if you "hacked" the files under /etc/zones.

Hacking files under /etc/zones will not help.  The problem is that
there are a few packages SUNW*.[uv] that are different between sun4u
and sun4v.  From what I recall, a 15k with SUNWCXall and a T2000 with
SUNWCXall (with S10U1) had less than 10 MB differences with one
(identical file) conflict between the two.  I suspect that if you
install the SUNW*.v packages on the sun4u box and install the SUNW*.u
packages on the sun4v box, the migration (detach + attach) will go OK.

There is likely some room for caution here with regards to how well
patching will handle this after the fact.  The initial assessment by
the likes of Dave Miner and Casper Dik was that things may work on one
day but long term supportability was dubious.

Initial conversation summarized in the first 30 or so lines of

Casper warns about patching:

I experiment with pkgadd -d . *.v

Casper finds an unimportant conflict:

Dave Miner explains that that multi-platform flash was supposed to
work but cautions that there may be dragons.

Mike Gerdts
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