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it seems these issues will be solved by a brandZ for s10, nv etc not?

Is that in the works?  I've seen an example of how to do it on your
own but I haven't heard of any supported variant. The key gotcha with
this approach seems to be the sanity check to be sure that the kernel
and SUNWzone* from the global zone remain compatible with the bits in
the non-global zone(s).

I would like to see this functionality, but as I was trying to
articulate why in a thread (I think regarding "update on attach") I
was having a hard time.  I really think that "update on attach" would
also solve the issue at hand, now that I think about it.


Just wondering if zone move from host-A to host-B and get update
what happen if this zone need to move back to host-A, does it need to be downgraded?


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