On 05/12/09 13:28, Jerry Jelinek wrote:
Enclosed is a first draft of a spec. for the S10
brand which we plan to submit for a PSARC
inception review.  Please send us any comments
or questions.


Hi Jerry,

Cool stuff!

A couple of questions:

- it is stated that the minimum supported S10 release in a branded container is S10U8. What is the plan for migrating from S10 releases below U8? Will the update on attach feature be able to update pre-U8 systems and/or zones? Or should the source system/zones be upgraded to U8 first?

- can multiple versions of the Solaris 10 brand coexist? I.e if a future Solaris 10 version requires a newer version of the brand to run, will existing zones running an earlier Solaris version still run with their current required version of the brand? Or must they be upgraded in some way?


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