Hernan Saltiel wrote:
No, I'm talking about the Solaris migration toolkit, available in the past
to certify pre-Solaris 10 binaries against the new versions.
They were a couple of Perl scripts (solcat, for example). They were a binary
interface certification set of scripts.
They were a good point to start thinking in a migration.

Thanks for the clarification.  We are planning to build
a tool which we're calling the 'preflight checker'.  The
idea is that you could use the tool on your S10 system
and it would evaluate things to tell you what issues
it sees that might have an impact on moving that system
image into a solaris10 branded zone on S.next.  The
preflight checker isn't part of this initial project
proposal but would be a small add-on project coming later.
The tool might do some level of binary analysis but it would
also look at other aspects of the system configuration as
a whole.  For example, it would check if you have zones,
add-on kernel modules, etc.  We haven't started to scope this
tool out yet.

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