Yikes! Seriously, no sparse zones? That wasn't in the Bible book I don't think. This is a pretty big deal! Is this list the best place to follow to learn such things?

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On May 17, 2009, at 11:50 PM, Dan Price wrote:

On Sat 16 May 2009 at 07:02PM, Julien Beauviala wrote:

Installing the AMP stack (as in `pfexec pkg install AMP`)
in a sparse zone (osol 111a) will fail, because /usr isn't

Is there a way get around that, short of compiling
everything by hand to some other place within the
sparse zone ?


At present we don't support sparse zones in OpenSolaris.  So in
the short term, at least, we've tried to ensure that zones are
relatively compact by default.  Unlike the whole-root zones in
Nevada, a default, whole-root zone in 2009.06 is just about 140MB,
regardless of the contents of the global zone.

That said, the software will allow you to configure sparse zones, and
won't warn you that this is generally a bad idea right now-- that's my
fault, and I apologize.  You're seeing the effects of OpenSolaris
existing as a derivative of Nevada, but with significant changes.
As a result, things are rough at some of the edges.

I would recommend that you install the default zone (which is
"whole root") and simply add your AMP stack to that.  Everything
should work smoothly, and if not, please let us know.


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