The problems this may cause me are largely theoretical at this point, as I'm just beginning to ramp my OpenSolaris use up.

My concern is conserving RAM, which full vs. sparse zones may or may not effect, I don't know, and with ease of management. My use case is running multiple instances of the same underlying web application for multiple clients. Keeping the core portions of the web app in common should help in maintaining it. Using sparse zones seemed like an easier solution than re-architecting the app to refactor the common parts into a webservices component.

The webapp components are relatively small, so I'm not overly worried about storage space.

Overall the idea of stable, secure containment which is lighter weight than full virtualization is attracting me to OpenSolaris, so I imagine it will be a win in efficiency regardless f the sparse/full question.



On May 18, 2009, at 9:14 AM, Jerry Jelinek wrote:

Devin Ceartas wrote:
Yikes! Seriously, no sparse zones? That wasn't in the Bible book I don't think. This is a pretty big deal! Is this list the best place to follow to learn such things?

Yes, this has been discussed on this alias in the past.
Also, Dan Price blogged about this here:

This is described in the OpenSolaris Bible on p. 732, second
to last paragraph.

Since software management for zones on OpenSolaris is still
evolving, it would be helpful for us if you could describe
what problems the lack of a sparse zone will cause you.


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