GenericSetup is quite silent. The return values of the setup handlers and import context notes are ignored. The only feedback is a small manage_tabs_message.


Setup handlers should give detailed feedback. Each note should include a logging level and a setup handler ID.

The most common notes might be:

- Warnings if handlers skipped XML fragments on import or objects on export.

- Info about changes made on import or XML files created on export.

The notes should be logged *and* used for reporting in the ZMI.


I'm no logging expert, so I might well be missing something. The state of the art seems to be using the Python logging package (PEP 282). Is it possible to use that framework for reporting as well? It doesn't look like that.

Replacing the 'note' method in ISetupContext with a more logger like API and sending the notes to the Python logger *and* to TTW reports might be the way to go.


We need soon a stable API to encourage the authors of setup handlers to use that API. The actual reporting and logging can be implemented later.



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