On 15 Nov 2005, at 14:24, yuppie wrote:
The notes should be logged *and* used for reporting in the ZMI.


I'm no logging expert, so I might well be missing something. The state of the art seems to be using the Python logging package (PEP 282). Is it possible to use that framework for reporting as well? It doesn't look like that.

Replacing the 'note' method in ISetupContext with a more logger like API and sending the notes to the Python logger *and* to TTW reports might be the way to go.

There could be a "multiplexer" that logs to the standard Zope event log *and* keeps the messages in a memory buffer to be displayed in the browser. This could be done in a separate class or a logging API could be added to ISetupContext. Should be easy to do, really.


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