Martin Aspeli wrote at 2007-1-8 21:35 +0000:
> ...
>No, no need, but I'd argue good reasons.
>  - It's an explicit declaration of support

As is the definition of "__of__".

>  - It's a lot less magic

I do not follow you:

  Where is the magic with "if hasattr(local_utilitiy, '__of__')"
  compared to "if ICMFTool.providedBy(local_utilitiy)".

  I feel the "ICMFTool" marker interface (almost like all marker
  interfaces) as more magic.

>  - It's prettier than getattr/hasattr

Your notion of "pretty" is very much different from mine...

>  - If something else has an __of__() for whatever reason, we don't 
>catch it by accident.

If "local_utilitiy" has an "__of__", then it almost surely expects
that it is used in the standard way -- whether or not some magic
marker interface is there....

>  - It may not be desirable to wrap everything that *could* be wrapped.

Could you explain?

In the Zope 2 world, non acquisition wrapped objects behave very strange
(as indicated in an earlier message).
Do you want to introduce special cases only that you can use Zope 3 magic?

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