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Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
On 23 Feb 2007, at 00:39, Rocky wrote:
So... what's next?
Figuring out how to deal with existing sites that need to be modified on the fly somehow so they don't break completely.
I propose to hardcode PortalObjectBase as IObjectManagerSite. AFAICS getSiteManager() could create a component registry on the fly if necessary. So for that part we would neither need the new code in importVarious nor migration code.

Hmm, I won't quibble about "migration code". +1.

Ok. I can have a closer look at this part.

For registering the tools as utilities you still need to run the componentregistry import step. I would not use on-the-fly magic for that part, I think people should do that explicitly.

If the code which *used* to work using 'getToolByName' now breaks beofre
that step is done, then we have a problem.  If there is a clear, simple
step to perform after upgrade, then we should be OK.

E.g., we might tell folks to do something like:

 $ ./bin/zopectl run Products/CMFCore/scripts/updateSites foo bar/baz

To upgrade the 'foo', and 'bar/baz' site objects.  I see no benefit to
trying to do any migration from within the ZMI here.

I'll leave that part to someone else.



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