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On Feb 23, 8:10 am, yuppie <y.20...-E2EsyBC0hj3+aS/[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I propose to hardcode PortalObjectBase as IObjectManagerSite. AFAICS
getSiteManager() could create a component registry on the fly if
necessary. So for that part we would neither need the new code in
importVarious nor migration code.

While I'm typically against what is obviously an accessor method doing
any sort of writing to the zodb I would let it slide here for the sake
of avoiding a migration step.

But while this will ensure the cmf site is an ISite, there is still a
step missing.  There is no zpublisher hook registered to fire
traversal events when the site is traversed (which lets
zope.component.getUtility be aware of the closest site even when not
specifying a context).

See Products.Five.component.enableSite for an example of what needs to
be done here.  The five.localsitemanager.make_objectmanager_site call
invokes enableSite under the hood to setup this zpublisher hook.

Maybe someone has a neat idea for setting this up too? (I don't, other
then by a migration step)  Or maybe there is something GenericSetup
could do to setup a bit of migration?

I just added notify(BeforeTraverseEvent(self, REQUEST)) to DynamicType's __before_publishing_traverse__.

Cheers, Yuppie

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