yuppie wrote:
Hi Rocky!

Rocky wrote:
Done.  five.localsitemanager is now included with CMFCore on the jens
branch.  There aren't any CMF specific tests in place for any of this,
but the CMFCore tests all run fine with sys.path stuff setup (they
failed when I misconfigured things).

So... what's next?

Maybe I'm missing something. But wasn't a major goal of five.localsitemanager to return acquisition wrapped tools?

That was my understanding, too. I thought this would just mean aq_base'ing the utility and aq-wrapping it back into the context (the portal root). Without this, we start requiring users of the interface to know when aq wrapping is needed and do it explicitly with __of__() which I think we agreed was unacceptably detailed and ugly. :)

I can't find any code in five.localsitemanager that deals with that issue. So we now have support for nested sites, but still no support for utilities that need acquisition wrapping?

Hopefully, doing so would be pretty easy. :)


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