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Rocky wrote:

I just added notify(BeforeTraverseEvent(self, REQUEST)) to DynamicType's

Hmm... ok, which sounds like we've done away with the need to call
make_objectmanager_site().  And as long as the cmf site provides
IObjectManagerSite (and we decided that it would always provide this

Yes. IObjectManagerSite is now implemented by the class.

then make_objectmanager_site being accidentally called on it
would be harmless.  make_objectmanager_site will still of course be
useful for turning regular zope folders into sites.

Maybe we should decide if we leave the notify call in DynamicType (in that case turning CMF folders into sub-sites should not add an extra hook) or if we override __before_publishing_traverse__ just for PortalObjectBase.

Cheers, Yuppie

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