On Feb 23, 1:52 pm, yuppie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Maybe I'm missing something. But wasn't a major goal of
> five.localsitemanager to return acquisition wrapped tools?
> I can't find any code in five.localsitemanager that deals with that
> issue. So we now have support for nested sites, but still no support for
> utilities that need acquisition wrapping?

You're absolutely right.  An oversight on my part.  I'm on my way out
of town for the weekend, perhaps you could consider adding to
five.localsitemanager yourself?  Then you could retag the release-0.1
tag (it's a floating tag atm for me as there is no official release
yet -- it was really just created for something CMFCore to anchor
onto) so CMFCore gets the change(s).


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