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On 21 Sep 2007, at 17:44, Andreas Jung wrote:

We are currently working on the migration of the Zope 2 bugtracker.
Jim asked about the migration of the CMF bugtracker...the
discussion on this list was pretty much undecided...anyone of the
CMF core developers should say yes or no. I don't care much about
the CMF tracker....it's basically your decision.

The earlier discussion kind of derailed when it swung to the suggestion
to move the CMF collector into a trac-based setup already used by Plone,
and no consensus was reached either way.

I definitely know I don't want trac - I've been using it extensively for
a project I am working on and hate the way it handles email to the people
who are involved in an issue, and it also doesn't put the full issue
"conversation" into the notification emails, so you're forced to open a
web browser and look it up.

Since there is no strong vote either way I'll go out on a limb and say
let's just keep the situation as it is right now and stick with zope.org.

Point taken...less work for Jim :-)


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