Previously Charlie Clark wrote:
> Andrew Milton has at least done a wrapper so you can run Trac on a  
> Zope site. But having spent some time on Trac I would be against  
> using it in its current form for a product as complex as the CMF. It  
> has an appalling data model which is simply not suited to any form of  
> dependency.

I'ld counter that Plone is a lot more complex than CMF and Trac is
working great for it.
> I think there's merit in having some form of connection Zope -> CMF - 
> > Plone for reporting bugs in which case I would be in favour of  
> either modifying Collector or Launchpad for our needs.

The only system which currently would support that is having all of
those in LaunchPad as far as I know. I don't think Trac's multi-tracker
support is up to that yet. And that is not going to happen since Plone
is quite happy with Trac and has no interest in moving to another system
at the moment.


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