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On 14 Aug 2007, at 21:42, Martin Aspeli wrote:

Hanno Schlichting wrote:

I'll dare to speak out the unthinkable and as an alternative option
suggest to move the CMF bug tracker to a trac instance hosted on plone.org.
A common user database between the Plone and CMF bug trackers is a
bigger benefit than the common user base between CMF and Zope I think. But maybe our two communities still don't overlap enough for that idea
to work out ;)

+1 - for every CMF bug we probably get a report or two as well. I'm not saying keep them in the same tracker, but having http:// dev.plone.org/cmf might be easier for all parties involved.

At least I'm assuming it's not too much work for Wichert & co to get it set up and migrating the old issues (we migrated plone.org's CMFCollector instance), and if the CMF folks don't like Launchpad, then Trac's at least pretty good, gives you a wiki should you want it, and (a great benefit for me) a good SVN browser.

Let's please keep this on topic - this is not about moving the CMF collector in general, it's specifically about the Launchpag guys offer to move it there. Otherwise there is no real need to move it elsewhere.


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