Am 13.08.2007 um 10:49 schrieb Hanno Schlichting:

I'm +0.5 on moving away from anything on I find the collector
UI and speed suboptimal to work with. Launchpad provides a reasonable
good bug tracker from my experience (I mostly reported bugs against the
launchpad translation system itself in the past ;)).

Personally I find trac a lot more efficient to work with, though. But
it's UI is definitely geared towards developers (which is in the end the
prime target group for CMF).

Trac certainly *looks* good and has done to highlight usability deficiences of other bug trackers such as Bugzilla and Collector.

I'll dare to speak out the unthinkable and as an alternative option
suggest to move the CMF bug tracker to a trac instance hosted on

Andrew Milton has at least done a wrapper so you can run Trac on a Zope site. But having spent some time on Trac I would be against using it in its current form for a product as complex as the CMF. It has an appalling data model which is simply not suited to any form of dependency.

A common user database between the Plone and CMF bug trackers is a
bigger benefit than the common user base between CMF and Zope I think.
But maybe our two communities still don't overlap enough for that idea
to work out ;)

I think there's merit in having some form of connection Zope -> CMF - > Plone for reporting bugs in which case I would be in favour of either modifying Collector or Launchpad for our needs.

I've not posted or dealt with a great many bugs but have not found the form of the Collector to be a big problem. It's certainly easier to use than Bugzilla. What is often a greater issue is actually tackling bugs that do get submitted.

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