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> Andreas Jung is in the process of getting the regular Zope 2 issue  
> collector moved onto Launchpad. He said the Launchpad guys could move  
> other collectors like the CMF collector at the same time. The  
> question is, do we want this?
> My vote is "-0.5", mostly because I never used Launchpad. One  
> drawback that was mentioned is the fact that bugtracker emails do not  
> contain the full bug history. From other bugtracker experience I know  
> that's very annoying.
> Andreas mentioned some arguments for the move, like having the same  
> user base on all those collectors, the ability to move bugs between  
> them, and a much better user interface than the sometimes odd  
> collector UI.
> What's the consensus?

I'm -0.5. The current collector works and the mentions about lack of
context in launchpad are worrying.


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