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My personal opinion: I'd rather see the interface-based solution in a
few weeks or a couple months (the next Zope release) than the, umh,
less-than-professional solution that will stick around forever. As
such solutions have a tendency to do. "It works now" absolves everyone
from the task to come back later and improve the solution, so no one

Sorry, I can't follow...what is the outcome?

I volunteer to add the interface to the Zope 2.10-2.11 branches and trunk right now. This would be good enough for you for writing the related adapter. The related code can be moved already into the Zope core on the trunk (but not for any of the release branches).

I misunderstood one thing here. You only talked about the interface, but I kept thinking implementation as well :-) So my desired outcome was implementation plus interface, so that everything is ready to be used with the next release. With the interface alone we only help those indices that are not part of Zope itself, since the Zope core indices apparently won't be able to have a working implementation until Zope 2.12 comes around..?


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