Charlie Clark wrote:
I'm testing with some existing sites and getting the following error
even before I run the upgrades:

ComponentLookupError: (<InterfaceClass
Products.CMFCore.interfaces._tools.IURLTool>, '')

I'm obviously missing a registration but my site includes
Products.CMFCore package.

The tools are *local* utilities. Including the ZCML doesn't fix this issue. You have to run the upgrade step.

It should be possible to use the ZMI without this kind of errors. In some places I added fallbacks like this one:

            utool = getUtility(IURLTool)
        except ComponentLookupError:
            # BBB: fallback for CMF 2.2 instances
            utool = aq_get(self, 'portal_url')

If you can't run the upgrades from the ZMI it might be necessary to add more fallbacks in CMF.


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