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At the risk of looking like Baldrick: which configuration are you referring to? CMFDefault's own buildout or the top-level one? I see the CMF buildout has gained the sphinx-quickstart command but I haven't quite worked out how to get this to run using my local files.

Sometimes it just helps to ask the dumb questions out loud...

docs support has been added to the Products.CMFDefault *package*. The key was in that word, Charlie. :o api-doc stuff looks pretty reasonable but needs some trimming: all sub-folders including tests are treated as packages which doesn't make a great deal of sense from the point of documenting the API.

fuchsia:CMF charlieclark$ bin/sphinx-build src/Products.CMFDefault/docs tmp
Running Sphinx v1.1.2
 Exception occurred:
File "/Users/charlieclark/Sites/CMF/src/Products.CMFDefault/docs/", line 16, in <module>
    import pkginfo
ImportError: No module named pkginfo
sphinx-build no longer works. Or should I be working from CMFDefault checkout and building from there?

See above. Should probably check why documents now can't be generated from the top-level of the project, although package level is probably saner.

 I also cleaned up many Sphinx complaints about bad formatting.
Thanks. I'm still working on fixing up the intra-document references and footnotes which I want to be able to build before checking in.

I can, of course, now do this! Time to review the Sphinx documentation to reduce my error rate!

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