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H Charlie,
Before going any further, please stop that usage pattern. The correct way to build those Sphinx docs is:
- cd into the docs folder
- make sure the sphinx-build script you want to use, which can be either the one inside Products.DCWorkflow or at the toplevel "CMF" package, is in the path and then run "make html":
$ cd docs/
$ PATH="../bin:$PATH" make html

Thanks for the clarification and your patience.

I have a feeling with the way you are doing it you put output and Sphinx build state files for different Sphinx buildouts in one and the same place, which will not work.

It does create the ReST files that make can then run over.

I've found the problem: the files I generate have the wrong paths in the automodule directive

.. automodule:: DCWorkflow.utils

instead of

.. automodule:: Products.DCWorkflow.utils

Fixed now.

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