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Am 04.04.2012, 11:17 Uhr, schrieb Jens Vagelpohl <j...@dataflake.org>:

I have fixed it by creating a small buildout configuration at the root of the package that will create a working sphinx-build script under bin/ with all the dependencies set up, and by replacing all faulty module references to "CMFDefault" with "Products.CMFDefault".

At the risk of looking like Baldrick: which configuration are you referring to? CMFDefault's own buildout or the top-level one? I see the CMF buildout has gained the sphinx-quickstart command but I haven't quite worked out how to get this to run using my local files.

fuchsia:CMF charlieclark$ bin/sphinx-build src/Products.CMFDefault/docs tmp
Running Sphinx v1.1.2

Exception occurred:
File "/Users/charlieclark/Sites/CMF/src/Products.CMFDefault/docs/conf.py", line 16, in <module>
    import pkginfo
ImportError: No module named pkginfo

sphinx-build no longer works. Or should I be working from CMFDefault checkout and building from there?

I also cleaned up many Sphinx complaints about bad formatting.

Thanks. I'm still working on fixing up the intra-document references and footnotes which I want to be able to build before checking in.

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