On Thu, 31 Jul 2003 12:57am, Anthony Baxter wrote:

Anthony Baxter wrote
 Updating it by hand to ZEO2 hasn't made all good and happy, though -
 the ZEO/start.py includes
 import ThreadedAsync.LoopCallback
 at the top of the file, but the sys.path magic that makes this
 available is inside the main() function. Moving the import to
 the line after the sys.path magic fixes this.

 I'm now getting a failed import for ZODB.utils.oid_repr, which
 suggests that I'm going to need to update the ZODB installation
 here from the one that's in 2.6.2. :-/

Ok, this was easy - Zope2.6 requires the ZODB3-3_1-branch ZEO code.

The previous ThreadedAsync import fix still needs to be applied, though...

Why? I'm using Zope 2.6.2b4 and moving the ZEO directory out of ZODB3.1.2 and into Zope/lib/python/ and everything works fine.

I've seen no problems with imports. And if anything, the cache implementation in the ZODB3.1.2 version of ZEO made a remarkable performance difference.


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