Andrew Sydelko wrote:
It's faster especially compared to ZEO 1.x, but also compared to earlier versions of ZEO 2.x/ZEO from ZODB3.1.x.

At one point, changes were made to the initial cache invalidation check that caused ZEO startup time to become significantly faster.
Before this change the ZEO client would take more than a minute to start (with a cache_size of 200MB).

We've not tried ZEO from ZODB3.2.x yet.

Oh, right. I was concerned for a moment that a minor change in ZEO 3.2 had slowed it down somehow. But you weren't talking about that. Whew.

Jim and PythonLabs put a bunch of work into optimizing ZEO cache validation earlier this year, and now it's quite speedy.


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