Jim Fulton wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote:


Give the responses. I need to recast my question as a selection
among alternatives. But, before I do that, we will need to consider
alternatives a bit more.

OK, here's another.

What about renaming the Zope 3 zope package to "z".

- It fits with the expansion of "Zope":
  "Z Object Publishing Environment".

- It's short :)

- *At this time* (but after the move to svn), it's not too hard to make
  a change like this for Zope 3. Backward compatibility is not a big
  issue. This will change when X3.0 is released, which is why I'm
  bothering to deal with this now.

- This was suggested a couple of years ago when coming up with the
  Zope 3 package layout.

Examples (from the buddydemo example):

  import z.interface
  from z.app import zapi
  from z.app.event import publish
  from z.app.event.objectevent import ObjectModifiedEvent

Other reasons I like "z":

- Less noise in imports

- Echos the "circle z"

- The packages in "z" can be used for more than just Zope

- Emphasizes the more "minimalist" nature of Zope 3 relative
  to Zope 2

- "z" is a component of "zope"

OK, I'm getting carried away. Sorry ;)


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