Jim Fulton wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote:

I should have been clearer.

The first question is:

Is it a problem to have two packages with names differing only in case?

I haven't gotten as many responses on this as I expected. I'll try to summarize

Wrong. People don't find the question useful.

Give the responses. I need to recast my question as a selection
among alternatives. But, before I do that, we will need to consider
alternatives a bit more.

- Chris feels strongly that this is a problem

- I've been swayed by Chris' response from neutral to thinking that this
  is a problem.

In talking about this with Casey, Fred and Barry here, we thought of another problem with the status quo. The standard Python library has a module, pkgutil that facilitates spreading container packages like zope over multiple directories on the Python path. Thia facilitates installing zope-project packages in different places. Without this, container packages become very unsttractive. It turns out that pkgutil will be confused by the Zope package on Windows or Mac OS, adding it's directory to the zope package's path. This is a bug in pkgutil that can be fixed, but it is an example of the sorts of problems we can expect.

In addition, haveing two packages with the same name makes it hard to talk about
them verbally. One has to qualify the names, as in "big zope" or "little zope".


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