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--On Montag, 29. November 2004 12:43 Uhr +0100 "Stefan H. Holek" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

[docutils was moved from lib/python/docutils to
lib/python/third_party/docutils/docutils and an ugly sys.path hack

Why oh why do we always have to make it harder to start up Zope (instead
of making it simpler, for once)?

Extending the path in lib/python/sitecustomize only works if lib/python
is on the PYTHONPATH at the time the interpreter is started. This is fine
in case of ./bin/zopectl, but not anywhere else. For example it breaks
basically all test runners. Yes, I have seen that got hacked to
append third_party/docutils to the sys.path, this is however not a
solution IMO, but plain cheating around a code layout error. is
*not* the only test runner around, nor is ./bin/zopectl the only way to
start up Zope!

I agree.

Many a sysadmin will curse at having to "fix" a whole bunch of scripts. We have been very careful in the past to accommodate them, let me remind you of the ZOPE_CONFIG hack we added just for legacy scripts.

What is the reason for third_party? Is is absolutely required, and if
yes, why? Why not keep it simple (well, as simple as possible given the
already tricky Z2 startup sequence)?

It has been moved there because older Zope versions shipped with a stripped
down and hacked docutils version which fit into the path magic. But this
version was hard to maintain and it was a pain in the a** to update the
package from time to time. That's why it moved as a whole into a different

I don't understand what good moving it would do for it's ease of maintenance.

> Independent of its location there is a need to adjust sys.path
to make imports working (it does not matter if it is under lib/python or

But there's no point in making things more complicated. I see no benefit in this extra directory. Am I missing something?

> Using a appeared as the best
solution compared to hacking runzope/zopectl or added some paths
somewhere inside the Zope startup machinery).


I'll have more to say in a separate message.


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