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On 30 Aug 2006, at 14:32, Christian Theune wrote:

Chris Withers wrote:
Christian Theune wrote:

b) it's more convenient for developers

Early open port means: zopectl restart and reload in your browser immediately without getting "Connection refused". Dieter already mentioned this use case

That's a matter of taste IMHO. Everyone handles that differently doing development. I always do "zopectl fg" and never hit "reload" until the console tells me Zope is ready. Let's not discuss this any further, taste knows no right or wrong ;)

c) it's a good thing if you have 'smart' load balancers
How so?

Tres mentioned that to me: 'smart' load balancers can probe the server and decide that the port is there, but the response time is too high and won't include it in the pool again yet, but they can know that the port is already open again.

I don't quite get this. I'd have said "smart load balancers can work around the fact that Zope opens ports way before it can start serving". So in essence, the "smartness" papers over Zope's early port opening issue. I'd never say "Zope opening ports too early is a good thing for smart load balancers"... Besides, there are tons of stupid load balancers out there who only look at open ports. But just like the argument above, this seems to boil down to personal preference. The setting is configurable, let's stop beating that old mare ;)


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