Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:

*IF* you'd like to be pragmatic, I'd suggest we clean up those failing Plone tests, merge the branch and be on our way. Yes, we *might* be plastering over a potential problem in the patch, but the other 9999 tests didn't seem to be affected and intensive alpha and beta testing of that new Zope version would likely confirm or refute the existence of a serious problem. To be honest, my suspicion is that Plone is using some of the Five stuff in a way that it shouldn't be, hence causing a test failure with the cleaned up Five. Hanno removed some of the Five-raping procedures in Plone already, but there might be others lurking around and causing test failures.

I'd be happy to help clean such things up on Plone trunk. I've been waiting for this branch for aaaages. :)

I do remember Hanno saying he got an infite loop/segafult somewhere, which sounds more problematic. If we are pretty sure we won't get any of those, then I'd be very supportive of a merge.


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