Andreas Jung wrote:
> I think there is need for setting a release date right now - I know that
> this a total contradiction to our former approach with time-based
> releases. The current 2.11 codebase is pretty much in sync with the
> latest Zope web-components. Since the Zope 2 development is in parts
> driven by the Plone community and their needs, it does make sense
> keeping the development in some way in sync with the Plone 4 release.

When it comes to a roadmap for Zope 2.12, I should probably comment on
the Plone-side of this. I'm the current interim release manager for
Plone 4.0 and there is a good chance I will end up being the final
release manager for the Plone 4.x series. A final decision on this is
pending due to our community processes.

Plone 4.0 does not have a concrete roadmap yet. The general direction is
in favor of making a true real step forward with Plone for the next
major version. What that will mean in terms of features, depends on what
is going to be written and contributed in the end. But we will allow
major backwards incompatible changes in the release. We will not attempt
a rewrite of Plone.

Time-wise we are not very likely to see a Plone 4.0 final release
anytime in the next 12 months. We will see development preview releases
and these will most definitely all require Zope 2.12 and Python 2.6.

So from a Plone perspective there is no demand for any soon feature
freeze or release of Zope 2 itself. Alpha releases might come in handy
during spring next year, but even beta versions are not going to be
required or particular useful to us.

>From what I know of other consumers of Zope 2, it seems Haufe doesn't
have a need for any of the Zope 2.12 features at this point, but is
using Zope 2.11 / Zope 3.4 as a development base.

I don't know the current status of Silva or if there are other major
players left using Zope 2, which would benefit from a soon Zope 2.12
release. Please speak up, if you want to influence the roadmap for Zope 2 ;)


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