Tres Seaver wrote:
> Hanno Schlichting wrote:
> I'm fine with having Plone 4 able to run on a 2.6-compatible Zope2.  If
> we add Python 2.6 to the supported list for a no-later-than Q3 2009 Zope
> release, that should be sufficient, no?


>> From a Zope perspective 2.11 should have had Python 2.5 support, but
>> nobody cared enough to make it happen. We can support Python 2.4 and 2.5
>> alone in Zope 2.12 and release it in the next months.
> We should do a 2.12 very soon (before year end, likely), and it should
> retain 2.4 compatibility.

That is a perfectly fine and good plan.

>> In that case Plone will neither use 2.11 nor 2.12 but go straight for a
>> Zope 2.13 including Python 2.6. A major release every six month would be
>> desirable for us in that case. Right now I don't see anyone, who would
>> be using those releases. If those people exist, please speak up.
> Plone isn't the only consumer of Zope2, although it is clearly the
> biggest one.  Keeping an orderly succession of releases with good
> compatibility is important for the whole ecosystem.

Please do not mistake this as a "this is how we should release Zope2 -
Plone rulez" opinion.

I'm trying to offer and communicate our roadmap, so it can be taken into
account for the Zope2 roadmap. We are not the only consumer and Plone
does have different priorities and practices than Zope. What is good and
practical for Plone might still conflict with what is good and healthy
for Zope. I'm very much interested in different opinions like yours, so
we can get a good roadmap that fits all the different interest groups.


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