Jim Fulton wrote:
> I'd rather leave zope.publsiher more or less alone, but develop a new  
> thing that has the basic/core functionality we need and refactor  
> zope.publisher to use that. 

I had the impression Shane was doing that; i.e. building zope.pipeline 
factoring bits out of the publisher but not really changing the 
publisher very much itself, creating a new structure instead. Shane, is 
that correct?

> I'd also like to use or be compatible  
> with WebOb on that. I'd prefer to do this at PyCon where I'll have  
> time to pay attention and where there will be higher bandwidth  
> communication.

+1 on the WebOb compatibility. I imagine it should be possible to 
reconstruct our request and response interfaces on top of WebOb's. We 
should also think of ways so that code can get the WebOb request 
directly instead of having to go through these adapters. I'd also be 
much in favor of reusing WebOb's implementation, not just the APIs. I 
think it could help us replace part of the publisher.

> I'm sympathetic to Martijn's desire not to slow you down, it's not  
> clear to me why you need changes to zope.publisher.  If it's just a  
> matter of reducing dependencies, I don't think that's a blocker for  
> any work you might want to do.

Thanks. I'm very much in favor of you guys talking at PyCon if that's 
the best way to make progress. I'm also looking forward to seeing Shane 
again at PyCon after meeting him so briefly all these years ago when I 
was still young and nimble. So I'm glad to hear he's going to make it! 
I'm also happy I'll get to see you again as well!



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