On Mar 6, 2009, at 2:18 AM, Shane Hathaway wrote:

> Jim Fulton wrote:
>> - It's not well enough documented.  While I think there's merit in  
>> doing some things at the WSGI level, I remain pretty happy with the  
>> publication interface for separatating generic publisher functions  
>> from application policies.  I which the use of this API was better  
>> communicated and understood.
> I hope you're not asking me to write documentation for  
> zope.publisher :-),

I wasn't asking you to do anything. :)

> because I only understand the mechanics.  The overall scope and  
> purpose is cloudy to me.  In particular, I don't understand how the  
> publication interface is actually generic.  Does it fit the needs of  
> anything other than Zope?

I believe so.  I think there are enough hooks there for pretty much  
any application.

>> A less major complaint is some baggage from the past. There are a  
>> number of request features that I never use and tend to forget  
>> about. The biggest of these is the special form data unmarshalling  
>> and url manipulation support. (I was amused to read in your  
>> introduction to your pipeline proposal that people wanted to know  
>> the answer to the question: "When does Zope respect the :method  
>> form variable?". :)
> FWIW, that particular functionality has been pulled out twice now,  
> both in repoze.monty and zope.httpform.  As a baby step, we could  
> make zope.publisher depend on zope.httpform.  (I made zope.httpform  
> without knowing repoze.monty already existed, but zope.httpform has  
> more tests and interfaces and it's hosted on svn.zope.org, so I  
> think zope.httpform is worth keeping.)

I'd rather leave zope.publsiher more or less alone, but develop a new  
thing that has the basic/core functionality we need and refactor  
zope.publisher to use that.  I'd also like to use or be compatible  
with WebOb on that. I'd prefer to do this at PyCon where I'll have  
time to pay attention and where there will be higher bandwidth  

I'm sympathetic to Martijn's desire not to slow you down, it's not  
clear to me why you need changes to zope.publisher.  If it's just a  
matter of reducing dependencies, I don't think that's a blocker for  
any work you might want to do.


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