Am Mittwoch 15 April 2009 09:24:23 schrieb Martijn Faassen:
> Hey,
> Tim Hoffman wrote:
> > I thhink just dropping zmi is ploblematical
> > without a management ui alternative. How would you propose managing
> > things like per instance pluggable auth components. zcml is not enough
> > and nor is any other static config. You need per instance persistent
> > configuration and I am assuming grok and anything using zope 3
> > (traiditional server) would need to do this.  So anyone buidling a
> > instance based manageble tool would want to ship it with a management
> > ui that would work on multiple zope toolkit based
> > systems,
> * I'd recommend some people get together and focus on building a much
> smaller, more tightly focused replacement of the ZMI that does the
> things people find important but is just a single package (or a few).

Hmmm, maybe it's a silly idea - but perhaps it would be possible to unify 
these efforts with Grok/repoze? Maybe develop something that's in the Zope 
toolkit and can be used on all these frameworks?

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